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Statement from Lucy Friedman on Puerto Rico

Lucy Friedman

The recent series of natural disasters and their devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities has affected us all. Hurricane Maria moved destructively through Puerto Rico – leaving the island, and the wider Caribbean, in crisis. New York City is home to the largest Puerto Rican community on the mainland, and we know that many of your organizations work with students that have a very personal connection to this natural disaster. Even for those not impacted personally, many of us have wondered how to send aid and show solidarity. Below we’ve gathered a few resources on supporting students in the wake of tragedy and natural disasters as well as a several ideas on how expanded learning programs can contribute to ongoing humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Resources for Supporting Students in the Wake of Tragedy and Natural Disaster

Supporting Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts as an Expanded Learning Program

If your organization takes on one of these projects or is hosting a hurricane relief project of your own, please let us know so that we can support and publicize your efforts.

Lucy Friedman

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